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this has been a PSA

Jesus fucking christ

This is exactly the kind of shit I was talking about. I had a rant some weeks ago about people ‘hiding’ comments in their tags, and the response was mainly two things: Either people did it just because they preferred it that way for whatever reason (which in the end is really their business), or this, which is something that until I made that post I had no idea about. I didn’t know this shit was a thing. I had no idea people actually posted shit like this, because it just seems so fucking unreal.

This is bullshit, and the person who posted this is bullshit by extension.
This is some fucked up elitist mentality that only some thoughts are “worthy” of being made. That if your response doesn’t live up to their standards then why the fuck are you posting it? Keep your mouth shut because what you have to say isn’t worth hearing! This of course is further ingrained by the use of excessive caps and emoticons in the original post suggesting that anyone who makes a response like that is a child or an idiot, because there’s no faster or lazier way to discredit the other side than to imitate them with fevered, emoticon-littered writing.

Well I say fuck that. I produce my own content (and I don’t mean compiling TV gifsets) and I want to see everything everyone has to say. Even if it’s just AAAA THIS SCARED ME or WOWOWOW THIS IS SUPER CUUUUTE WOW, seeing that kind of response means a lot to me. It means I evoked that kind of response. That’s very flattering! And for people to want to censor others because they think their thoughts aren’t important or worthwhile enough to be read, frankly, that’s disgusting. No one should be pressured into feeling like they have to shut up especially on a subject and medium like motherfucking Tumblr. It’s like telling someone “GET OFF MY POST”.

And I mean let’s think practically about this, too: It’s not like every time someone reblogs your post AND ADDS TEXT a man comes to your door and sits you down and reads it out loud off a telegram. What happens is that the little list that shows “so and so reblogged your post” has one additional line of text on it saying “AND ADDED: [COMMENT YOU DON’T THINK WAS WORTH YOUR TIME]”. I would say it takes one extra second to scroll past but the amount of time spent scrolling that additional line is so insignificant I couldn’t even measure it. Most people who address this spend way more time complaining about it than they ever would spend being inconvenienced by having to read what people thought of their post (god forbid)

So in summation this whole toxic, bullshit mentality of “Hey plebeians who have the privilege of looking at my stuff! Here’s how you are and are not allowed to respond to it!” is awful and so arrogant I almost didn’t believe it was real
If you want to sort of stash your thoughts away in tags, I can’t force you not to by any means
But you should never feel like you have to hide your thoughts because they’re not ‘good enough’.
Especially not here.

for real, yo

THAT AND have some respect for other languages. Not everyone speaks English and forcing others to comply with a strict English language set, destroys and alienates those other cultures.




In one single rant, Dean covered about 75% of the human emotional spectrum. 

the longer you watch his facial expression in the second gif the funnier it gets

I think it’s because of how drastically it changes in the span of a millisecond.




Two students, James and John were given a grammar test by their teacher. The question was, “is it better to use “had” or “had had” in this example sentence?”

The teacher collected the tests, and looked over their answers.

James, while John had had “had”, had had “had had.” “Had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

welcome to the english language

holy brain hurt

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“That’s your otp”?

“They’re just friends”


“That’s your otp”?

“But they hate each other.”


“That’s your otp?” 

“But they’re not gay.”


"That’s your otp?"

"But they are like 2 feet apart in height."


"That’s your otp?"

"But one of them is dead."


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im literally tired 30 hours a day

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Perfect news headline popped up while watching shield. Thank you universe.

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Scale of the universe

Scroll to your hearts content from the Planck length to the diameter of the observable universe - click on any object and it will open an info box - I can’t imagine how much work must have gone into this. A few surprising things: Pluto has a smaller diameter than the width of the USA and Vatican city can fit in central park multiple times.

Find it here

I lost it at minecraft world 

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